Last updated 18.12.2015

Wolfgang R. Hess
Genetics & Experimental Bioinformatics
University Freiburg
Institute of Biology III
Schänzlestraße 1
D-79104 Freiburg

Phone: #49-(0)761-2032796
Fax: #49-(0)761-2032601
E-Mail: Wolfgang.Hess "at"

Latest News

 18.12.2015 - HiWi-Stelle zu vergeben! - We are currently looking for a new HiWi!
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older news

 New comparative sRNA target prediction tool 'CopraRNA' released!
  web server
 Genome of Marine Organism Reveals Hidden Secrets
  english version
"DirectFuel" - hydrocarbon fuels engineered by cyanobacteria
english version german version
Exploratory Workshop "New approaches for functional genomics of marine microorganisms"
english version
FRISYS - Freiburger Initiative für Systembiologie
english version
Antisense RNA for cyanobacterial energy pathway discovered
german version

Graduate school on "signal systems in plant model organisms" granted
german version
Blue Biotechnology is the Key to Life in the Ocean
english version german version
New research about RNA interference in plants
english version german version