Welcome to RNAHeliCes!

RNAHeliCes is a tool for RNA folding space analysis. It abstracts from structural detail and maps structures using a position-specific abstraction based on helices.

Current version: RNAHeliCes 2.0.1 (Aug. 14, 2012)

Download: RNAHeliCes-2.0.1.tar.gz (1.6M)

When using RNAHeliCes for your work please cite:
Huang, Jiabin and Voss, Bjoern. RNAHeliCes -- Folding space analysis based on position aware structure abstraction. Proceedings of German Conference on Bioinformatics (GCB) 2011, September 7-9, 2011, Weihenstephan Germany

If you have any problems or any suggestions, please feel free to contact us. jiabin.huang@biologie.uni-freiburg.de; bjoern.voss@biologie.uni-freiburg.de